Interesting fact

With the widespread use of smartphones, it has become easier nowadays to reach individuals in order to encourage such behavioural change.

EMPOWER Mobility apps

Adopting a ‘reward rather than punishment’ approach, the EMPOWER mobility apps explore the use of positive incentives delivered through smartphone technologies and the web to persuade people to make modest shifts in their transport choices.

While the EMPOWER ICT Tools are basically ready to use they are usually embedded in a specific city context and hence should be deployed methodically. Steps that have proven to be successful include:

Align with service or campaign goals

What is the context of the tool usage? Which specific goals shall the tool support (quantitative and qualitative goals)? What user uptake is required to reach such goals? What is the time line of the tool usage? Which are the prerequisites of the tool usage? What kind of data do you require to measure success?

Define and plan in additional requirements

Define additional requirements and check whether they can be addressed by customization or require the development of new features. Plan for customization or implementation efforts if needed.

Ensure efficient Operations

Agree a service level agreement that clearly defines technical services like hosting, technical operations and support during tool usage.

Define roles like project manager, product/service manager, user community manager and technical contact person to the tool provider.

Define processes for integration with existing services, user support, analytics & reporting.

Plan / execute Promotion

Define your target audience and develop a clear idea on how and where to reach them.

Work with local agencies to promote your campaign.