Interesting fact

Cities that stimulate a mode change to more active transport and public transport usually report lower levels of traffic related pollution and health improvements.

Empowered Cities

There are two kinds of cities within EMPOWER where positive incentive schemes are implemented in a real life setting: Living Labs and Take-Up Cities.

Living Labs

The Living Labs are local ecosystems for one (or more) of the project partners. These four cities are the focal point of the EMPOWER research. Workshops, interviews, focus groups and questionnaires are carried out in these cities. Based on these studies, the Living Labs implement a (series of) local incentive schemes. There are four Living Labs: Enschede (University of Twente / Municipality of Enschede), Gothenburg  (RISE Viktoria), Helsinki (Forum Virium Helsinki) and Manchester (University of Leeds).

Take-Up Cities

The Take-Up Cities are seven cities who won the tender to be part of the EMPOWER family. These cities are selected based on the local ambitions towards the reduction of private car use by means of positive incentives. Each of the cities gets support from the EMPOWER team (guidance, best practice) in implementing their local incentive scheme. The Take-Up Cities are all about creating impact. There are seven Take-Up Cities: Antwerp, Bologna, Budapest, Milan, Newcastle, Odense and Reading.

Find out more what these cities have done to empower citizens to seek more sustainable modes of transport.