Interesting fact

Travelers are often unaware of alternatives to the car. Personalized information helps to raise awareness and initiate change on an individual level.

This page provides some information that helps you to develop successful incentive schemes that use information to promote sustainable transport.

Campaigns to raise awareness

Campaigns that raise awareness for public transport are mostly successful when targeting newcomers in a city.  Campaigns promoting active transport are more effective within neighborhoods. These campaigns can best be organized with local stakeholders. To attract people one needs to do more than education alone. Create a festive atmosphere, and stress it is healthy and fun to cycle together. Campaigns are useful to start behavior change, but cannot stand alone and should be followed up by other interventions to sustain that change.

Travel information

There are many apps that provide travel information to individuals. Promote travel planners that provide multi-modal travel information. This enables users to compare travel times between modes and may raise awareness of viable alternatives other than the car that otherwise may not have been considered. One can also stimulate the use of travel planners that provide social routes for car users to avoid vulnerable areas such as city centers, or around schools. For active transport, route planners may show healthy routes avoiding locations with high concentrations of harmful particles.

Content of information

For promoting public transport, information includes public transport schedules and fare tariffs. Bicycle campaigns should stress the benefits of cycling, not only in global terms such as regarding the climate, but also with regard to improving the livability of the neighborhood and with regard to health benefits of cycling.