How has Manchester empowered its citizens?

Manchester is a major city in Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 515.000 inhabitants. The modal split in Manchester is 9% walking, 3% cycling, 15% public transport and 71% private motor vehicle. Manchester’s mobility management plan focuses on empowering a modal shift from using the private car to using public transport instead.


Manchester is a city of approximately 515.000 inhabitants, located in the Greater Manchester in northwest England. The city is also home to one of the largest student populations in Europe and as a result, there are strong daily traffic flows into the centre, second only to those in London. The city of Manchester has a modal split of 9% walking, 3% cycling, 15% public transport and 71% private motor vehicle within the city.


The city’s mobility plan focuses on mobility management in order to create a modal shift from conventionally fuelled vehicles to more sustainable modes of transport. In Manchester, the aim is to reduce the CVF-mileage through the substitution of car trips by bus journeys. A reward scheme has been designed in close cooperation with the local bus operator, linking the use of bus to an existing loyalty point scheme. The reward scheme runs parallel to investments in both infrastructure and vehicles for a new high quality bus route.


The city aims for ensuring that the positive rewarding incentive schemes are embedded into the existing public transport provision resulting in lasting modal shift among individuals to bus and attendant walking. The EMPOWER approach in Manchester is to use positive incentives delivered using ICT to attract, to retain and to embed change. EMPOWER intends to embed positive incentives into the provision of public transport services and into individual’s everyday travel behaviour. The intended change is to attract and reinforce any positive changes made in travel behaviour by providing incentives that fit into people’s existing household budgeting behaviour and appeal to perceptions of ‘value for money’.


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