How has Bologna empowered its citizens?

Bologna is the largest city (and the capital) of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy, with a population of around 380,000 inhabitants. The modal split in Bologna is 21% walking, 7% cycling, 26% public transport and 46% private motor vehicle. Bologna’s mobility management plan focuses on empowering a modal shift from the private car to public transport and shared trips for regional commute traffic, and on a modal shift towards public transport, cycling and walking for urban trips.


Bologna has around 380,000 inhabitants, but including the incoming commute from the surrounding region this number almost doubles. Out of the approximately 2.4 million total trips made in the metropolitan area every day, almost 50%are made partially or totally within the city of Bologna. About 60% of all the trips within the metropolitan area are made by car. Next to accessibility, air quality is a key driver for the city to focus on a more sustainable way of travel.


The objective of the city of Bologna is to lower the daily number of cars driving into the city, focusing on all car users, with specific attention for employees and students. For employees, the main shift away from private car is foreseen to bicycle (70%), followed by public transport (25%) and car-pooling (5%). For students, the aim is to shift away from moped to bicycle (85%) and public transport (15%). For the general public, the objective is 55% from car to bicycle, 40% from car to PT, 5% from car to car-pooling (as driver or passenger).


Bologna will implement a behavioural change campaign based on gamification and incentive schemes, with the addition of the 2017 European Cycling Challenge. Bologna will promote environmentally friendly means of transport, considering mainly (but not only) commuting in urban areas. Road users will also be encouraged to participate in challenges against one another, to help further promote sustainable transport.


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